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Alliance Hotels provides a comprehensive reservation service under the Your HotelTM Worldwide banner to a network of selected independent hotels in the UK and Ireland. The main thrust of the service is the GDS, Global Distribution System, a network of over 650,000 terminals worldwide linking the travel world to the airlines. In addition the GDS drives a host of websites that provide an additional network of reservation opportunities.

We also provide hotels with a booking engine to power their own website and a great system to assist in the payment of commissions on the reservations received.

Then we provide a level of sales and marketing activities that includes annual negotiation for participation into the global consortia. We help the hotels get the right rates into the market place and monitor the way they appear on the system to ensure they maximise their opportunities to receive booking. We also are present at major Trade Shows like ITB, WTM, Confex, Business Travel Show, to name a few. And we also undertake some PR activities on behalf of our members.

For more information on what Your HotelTM Worldwide can do for your hotel, please contact:

Mrs Honey Farmer,

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Dear Member Hotel,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the UK operation of Your Hotel™ Worldwide has been purchased by Alliance Hotels, a consulting company run by Mr Roger Niemeyer, Managing Director and Mr Glen Farmer. Both gentlemen have a long track record in the Hotel industry, both in the UK and overseas. Please do visit their website to get more information about their company,

The office will be relocated on Tuesday 27 January 2009 to London and the details of the new address and contact details are at the end of this letter. The day-to-day communication with the hotels and Your Hotel™ Worldwide will be handled by Mrs Honey Farmer who also has a strong hotel and airline background; and the accounting will be handled by Mrs Joanne Rock. There might be some disruption to the office services on that day, however, we aim to be up and running during the course of Wednesday 28th January.

In February Roger & Glen will start to visit your hotels, familiarising themselves with your properties; learning of your needs; and also explaining their plans for developing the business, looking to assist you in improving the contribution Your Hotel™ Worldwide makes to your properties.

The New Team servicing your business is therefore as follows:

Roger Niemeyer, Managing Director

Glen Farmer, Director

Honey Farmer, Hotel Liaison Manager

Stephen Macdonald, Company Secretary

Joanne Rock, Accounts Manager

Jill Faulds, PR Director

Owen Easteal, Business Development Manager

Vanessa Thomas, Director of Training, Development & Quality

New office address:

The Old Church
89B Quicks Road
London, SW19 1EX

Telephone: 01582 454488

Fax: 020 8545 2604


We are confident that this is a positive move for all of you, as both Glen and Roger plan to build up the UK network to make it a stronger and more dynamic source of business for you and your properties.

They will be in touch with you in the near future to confirm a suitable time to visit. As a result of the new ownership, both Val Hardgrave and Sandie Allan are leaving the company and we would like to thank them for their contribution over the years.

My role will be more focused on the development of Your Hotel™ Worldwide in other European Countries as well as managing the central organisation. Then Cara McDonough and Susanne Grubert continue to provide support from their bases in Germany. I am confident that this strong new ownership will bring a positive impetus to a rather depressed business market and I look forward to seeing you all again during the course of 2009 and beyond.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Your Hotel™ Worldwide.

Yours sincerely


Werner Meyer

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