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The world of Electronic Distribution is fast growing and ever changing. Consolidation within the Travel Industry and the deployment of new and enhanced products and services is changing the way the Industry does business at an alarming rate.

Selling and booking travel products in no longer just the domain of the Travel Booking Professional. With the ability to shop and buy electronically the client can be both the booker and the consumer.

Sophisticated Central Reservations Systems, Representation Companies, Global Distribution Systems and the Internet provide you with the tools to reach all markets and for your customers to reach you whatever the time of day. The store is now open 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Alliance Hotels Ltd can provide you with the expertise to ensure that you are well positioned to meet the ever changing world.

Competitor Analysis

A Visibility Health Check will provide you with a detailed analysis of your position across the various electronic distribution channels. What about your competitors? What are they doing? How do they look? Your sales and marketing strategy should not just take account of what you are doing and your plans for the future. You must also keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing.

As an additional feature to your Visibility Health Check, we can provide you with an analysis of your competitors.


Training for both operational and sales staff is vital for the success of any sales and marketing strategy. Only by working as a team can you hope to put your strategy into practise and for that strategy to be a success. We will work with you to identify the training needs and develop a programme to suit all levels. These are just some of the areas that we can help you with:

Sales and Marketing Staff

  • Understanding Electronic Distribution.
  • Working with Travel Agency Groups.
  • Rate loading and why it sometimes doesn’t work.
  • How you are ‘viewed’ by the booker and traveller via the GDS and Internet.

Operational Staff

  • Availability and Rate Management.
  • Single Image Inventory.
  • Managing the Channels effectively.
  • Increasing Occupancy.

Visibility Health Checks

Our knowledge and experience of data loading and hotel positioning will provide you with a solid base from which to launch your sales and marketing strategy. We will:

  • Review your descriptive information, ensuring its accuracy and relevance to the audience.
  • Check on defined search criteria to ensure accurate visibility.
  • Check on availability and published rates checks across selected channels.
  • Process an evaluation of market segments to ensure appropriate visibility

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  • Marco Polo Hotels - Visibility (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 224.4Kb) - Download

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