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These management systems are a clear definition of the standards that you would like to implement into your property or each of your hotels and it is an operational development program. The systems ensure consistency throughout your organization even when creating partnerships and outsourcing- e.g.- vendors, owners, guests and your employees. These standards can guarantee guests expectation to be the same in all your hotels.

Working with Alliance Hotels Ltd. in your own or foreign markets can provide cost savings of between 33% and 66% over the first three months when compared to a conventional lease option for office space and your own associates. After the first three months the Alliance Hotels Ltd. solution still shows significant savings.

The financial benefits are:

  • A Saving up to 66% on traditional office costs
  • No capital investment
  • No start-up costs
  • No maintenance or repair costs

The legal benefit is:

  • Sign agreement today, start client contact tomorrow with your own dedicated, registered and branded office solution

Please see the Saving costs Illustration attached below.


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  • Operational Costs Saving Illustration (MS Word document, 34.5Kb) - Download

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